Introduction of kart

What is a kart?

Noun explanation: kart, English KART, is a small racing car. It means a car without cars. It can make drivers feel the speed of cars completely by strong engine and simple solid frame.

Who invented the kart?

1951 - ART INGELS American Art Ingels invented the first kart, he used steel pipe welding frame with their own, plus a motorcycle engine, then install four small aircraft tires, constitutes the first kart.

Which parts are the main components of the kart?

The first kart consists of the lawnmower converted, is designed for some parents of children playing in the garden of toys. The real sense of modern kart is made up of steel pipe frame, steering system pedal, fuel tank, transmission chain shield, driver seat and collision avoidance bumper. It is equipped with 50CC, 80CC, 100CC, 125CC or 250CC gasoline engine.

What grades are the kart cars?

One group has four levels: a super class A, a Class A, a C equation, a E equation.

The two groups also have four levels: International A, the international class a juvenile group, the international C level, and the international E level.

What's the difference between different classes of kart cars?

The super a and a Class A are used for the engine of the rotor inlet valve, 100CC.

The C formula is used with a water-cooled 125CC engine, gearbox, gear 3-6.

The E formula uses a water cooled 250CC single cylinder or double cylinder engine with a gearbox and 3-6 gears.

International Class A is used for the reed intake valve 1OOCC engine, no gearbox.

The international class a junior team uses a piston intake 100CC engine, no gearbox, and a clutch.

The international C level uses the 125CC water cooling two stroke engine with the gearbox and 3-6 gear.

The international E level is used by the 250CC engine, with the gearbox, and 3 gear.

The international organization of the kart movement?

In 1962, the International Automobile Federation set up international karting Committee (referred to as foreign language is CIKFIA), the development of leadership and the domination of the world karting sport. China's only legal organization to participate in the international motor and motorcycle movement is the China Federation of motorcycles and motorcycles.

How to play kart?

Go kart can be divided into stepless transmission and with two kinds of files, can also be divided into two types of entertainment and competition, entertainment of the maximum speed of 80 km / hour, and competition can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h, especially in the corners, lateral acceleration will produce 3-4 times of gravity, so that car hand to experience racing up to the fun.

Do you have a driver's license? You can't drive? No problem. Kart has developed into a national leisure sport. Its operation is also very simple. It doesn't need a driver's license. It only needs to remember the left foot brake, the right foot refueling door, the steering wheel is 1:1 steering, and then can hire the arena. If you want to choose one of the most approachable racing cars, the kart is afraid to win the laurel. Throttle, speed up; brake deceleration stop, that's so simple. And the speed brought by the sensory stimulation, the heart beat faster, the whole people high up, is absolutely a happy experience.

Get on the car! Hold the wheel, "speed and passion" is the protagonist of you!

Is it safe to drive a kart?

Kart is easy to control, the chassis is very low, and it is only about 4 centimeters away from the ground, so it is not easy to cause rollover. Once skating out of the runway, the kart will stop automatically and keep the driver safe. Therefore, the kart is also the safest car racing vehicle.

What do you feel about the opening of the kart?

High speed: kart is a safe and charismatic car sport. A vehicle equipped with a primary engine has a maximum speed of about 100 kilometers per hour, and the highest speed can be up to 170 kilometers when installing an advanced engine.

Stick to the ground because of smaller models, the bottom plate is only 4 cm away from the road, and therefore did not slow down the glass, the driver actually feel faster than the actual speed of the vehicle is 2 times higher than 3 times, especially in every corner, every slope is a speed challenge, let you enjoy the pleasure with great speed.

What are the rules that users need to follow in the kart experience?

The wear meets the driving requirements. Without wearing clothes that are moving in the course of driving, without slippers, high heels, and so on, the woman wants to put her hair into the mask completely.

(2) do not touch the burning parts of the engine or exhaust pipe in the course of driving and end off the seat, so as not to burn.

Tourists and drunk tourists who have heart disease, high blood pressure, myocardial infarction and other diseases are not able to drive kart.

(4) please follow the instructions of the staff in the maintenance area and do not enter the track at random, so as to avoid a collision accident.

Please follow the instructions of the staff, drive the right throttle and left foot brakes, do not step at the same time, do not drive too much, and do not swaying around the track. Please do not leave the vehicle and wait for the staff to instruct you.