What are the benefits of opening kart to children?

Go kart and daily driving cars are not the same, go kart right foot throttle, left foot braking, must take care not to put the left foot when the clutch, the kart brake and accelerator are wire no ABS, no cars like power, throttle and brake efforts need to be properly controlled, not easily because the brake locking or exit throttle due to the large vehicle out of control.

The turning of the kart is 1:1, and the steering wheel will be more heavy.

Cultivating the keen observation and strengthening physical fitness of the eight sides of the child's eye view

Kart is easy to drive, but needs to see eight parties and make quick judgement. Driving kart with children can not only let children feel the speed and passion of racing car, but also exercise their children's eyes and make a quick judgement of their immediate situations. Through physical fitness and kart driving training to effectively enhance the physical fitness and immunity of children. More exercise not only increases the weight of the children's health, but also helps to enhance the mental development and mental health of the children. Kart exercise can strengthen the heart, work more efficiently, and don't feel tired easily. Strengthen the muscle, can give the joint better support, make the person is not easy to be injured.

Cultivating harmonious coordination ability of children's eyes and hands and feet

The eye, but also with feet up, this is the most basic requirement of karting, play good kart, all be nothing difficult. So, don't look down on the kart.

Nurture a child's bold and brave spirit

In the most formal venues, the most safe driving protection and parents, let small friends challenge themselves, exercise the strain ability of young age, improve the coordination ability of brain, eyes, hands and feet, and enjoy the passion of racing cars.