Kart into the U-bend should be how to turn with a brake or throttle?

Kart race When encountering U-bend, brake should be vigorously in front of the curve, then the brake with the accelerator into the bend gradually increase the throttle out? Or postpone the brake point, strong brake before braking into the brake while turning, and then gradually fuel the throttle?


Kart into the U-bend should be how to turn, with a brake or throttle?

Karting brake in the wrong point of the bend: missed the brake point, missed the bend, missed the best cornering line.

Graphic design:

Right turn clockwise, straight brake (orange line, orange line at the beginning)

The red dot is the turning point, which is the slowest one (the red dot is not a brake point, but a point where the brake is lifted and starts with the accelerator). In this particular case, the right (turning point) Square for the bend. Then with a quarter throttle through the center of the curve, while gradually adjusting the direction of the aiming point out of the corner, after the basic three-fourths throttle - full throttle ready to bend.

The following is a list of three Karting conditions:

1, if the turn into the fast, do not rush to bend the direction of the heart, would rather continue to decelerate for a while and then call the direction, draw a big arc, try not to go the ideal line in a hurry into the bend.

2, if into the corner is too fast, it can only bring a little brake, this is a mistake, another argument is "rescue car."

3, if you enter the corner slow, do not hurry bigfoot throttle, because the "red dot" at the steering wheel point of view, the full throttle is the beautiful place to turn around. Tell yourself that next time you can brake for 0.5 seconds later.

Why straight brake brake in the fill oil? Instead of bending with a brake? Two cases to explain:

Case 1:

If the brake with a bend, do not say can well control the body state (because there is no abs / tcs / esp and other mechanical stability of the system, depending on the speed of the delay due to braking, into the corner than the speed Also in the straight has been completed brake faster) and the center of gravity (because of speed, the lateral acceleration will be higher) changes, it may be in the direction of a kick brake has been understeer Push head out or drift (break the rear wheel limit ), Even if you control the body at a high level, then the engine speed is constantly declining, until the direction of the curve by adjusting the front of the car ready to bend, the speed is almost the lowest point in the entire corner. Start to step on the accelerator to the next brake when it started late.

Case 2:

Straight road to complete the brake, into the bend began to bring the benefits of oil: First, easy to control body condition and center of gravity changes, not easy to lose control; The second is the main reason for the engine speed is not too low (will lead to torque after the bend can not mention Since the slightly tougher touches are both two-stroke karts (high revving engines), the output torque of the engine is actually very low at low revs), and the distance from the braking point to the crescent just happens to not require full throttle The process, just right time to accumulate the best time, both the use of the engine torque relatively slow period of time without slowing down without losing control, but also for the next full throttle section ready, is a double benefit.

Also for an unfamiliar track, there are many places to explore and learn. The specific needs of karting enthusiasts to understand in the experience is the key.