Driving karting fun

Why Some People Like to Play Karts Some people do not know much about karts when it is an entertainment project. The actual go-kart is a must-have for getting started with professional racing, and is also a training path that can really practice superb driving skills.

Karting can experience the extreme speed of the vehicle intensively, train the ability to control the critical point, and develop this ability into a subconscious instinctive reaction. No karting fun than any car. In addition to controlled and stable, but also accurate enough, sustained, the brake point of each bend, steering angle, the line of control, so call it "action" must be repeated very accurately. At the same time, but also brains, respond to the ever-changing race track and corners, find the best and fastest way of handling. If you play games, but also require superb concentration, pressure and physical strength. In short Karting is a driver's "physical and mental" promotion.

There is another reason to go karting: There is usually a different karting performance for a different karting car because of the different conditions. For example, some will push head some will be tail-flicking, some brakes some brakes will be a little flicker ...... Unless the game, the general performance of the car is not critical, the default go-kart will work hard to find and discover the characteristics of the car, and then Try to adapt to it, to play its best performance. Go karting allows people to come into contact with a variety of different control features in a short period of time, and exercise rapid adaptability, which is very useful for test work.

That karting has relatively enough performance (mainly the engine's power output). Some venues provide entertainment for the general public (such as the kind in the park), the vehicles are very poorly tuned, and they are playable and not challenging. General outdoor venues to provide visitors with 80cc two-stroke karting, suitable for familiar with the venue, practice entry skills, professional players can on the 125CC karting, that really need limit control. Indoor venues are mostly four-stroke vehicles, performance depends on the adjustment of the venue. Relatively speaking, most indoor venue practice skid control, outdoor 100cc kart while the power, control, speed has a more comprehensive test.

Karting the first contact with the university, playing a few years, became a small area of the school "master." After graduation to participate in the test, immediately found in karting practice skills for the test often encountered around the pile, run the track is very useful. So far more than 10 years have passed, I am still free, go karting as soon as possible.

Guest karting last weekend, a karting club in Jiangsu, are kart laps, racing circles lovers, the national kart champion and so on the team are among them.

The intention to go to the bottom, the results show a little surprise spot performance: take the third qualifying time race, the first runner-up race ran the first 8, the second from the eighth chase to the first three. This is the first time in your life that you are in a fun match with a high level professional kart driver. Everyone has a very fast pace, competition and mutual respect, there is no malicious collision, and do not easily make mistakes.

At present, there are a lot of good go-karts, it is recommended that you have the opportunity to experience.