Driving karting precautions

1, Straight Road must be hard on the accelerator, has been trampled, not loose, straight down to the minimum time-consuming.

2, bend the brakes. Straight road is not difficult to accelerate, the gap is running out of the corner. Simply turn the curve into turns of almost 180 degrees and turns of 90 degrees. 180-degree turn, and so into the corner began to turn it was too late, to 5 to 10 meters ahead of the brakes, depending on the specific speed of a few meters and the curve size, as well as their own throttle and brake with the ability. Brake tread intensity, the minimum must ensure that the drift does not drift.

3, turn into the route. 180-degree bends, slow down from the outside of the driveway into the brake, until the arc center line loose brake, into the inside of the curve, close to the inside of the road out. This curve road, the car took the shortest curve, straight line distance, it is clear that the longer the straight road, the faster the speed, the shorter the time.

4, speed up. The car has passed the arc center line, and the car close to straighten, fierce step on the accelerator, close to the inside lane quickly exit.

5, how to quickly through a small bend. This continuous turn is generally turn left turn right turn appears, the home page is not done quickly brakes, but to determine an optimal route, this route close to a straight line, are close to the inside of the curve. The same reason, try to open a straight line.

6, workers must first sharpen their things, choose a good car. Jagal just started when the accelerator, step on the brakes, take a look at fast unpleasant, brake Lingling. If you speed up, in the corner to accelerate, it is time-consuming. General slow down not because of the engine does not work, mostly because the throttle is loose, or lack of tire gas. Find the problem, step into the track again.