Kart Encyclopedia


And miniature sports car, karting is extremely simple structure, a frame, a two-stroke engine, composed of four independent wheels. It is karting has a simple structure, high safety and speed racing, coupled with easy driving and exciting features, so in Europe and Japan and other countries is extremely popular and popular rapidly swept the world, most of the world famous F1 drivers are Start with a go-kart. Kart originated in the United States in the late 1950s.


Karting classification

Karting sub-variable speed and with two files, and sub-popular type and race two.

Universal karting: also known as "casual", the speed is not fast, the maximum speed of 80 km / h, without a driving license.

Athletic Kart: At speeds of up to 130 km / h, the chassis is only 4 cm off the ground, so riders can feel 2-3 times faster than the actual speed (130 km / h).


Karting the basic characteristics

Kart refers to the small gasoline engine or motor-powered, the use of the maximum diameter of less than 350mm pneumatic tire, the total height from the ground (excluding headrest) less than 650mm, front wheel guide, rear wheel drive, no differential gear and shock absorber structure, Four-wheel long-term access to the ground, manned single-seat mini-race car.

International Karting Commission (CIK) Technical Regulations Karting attributes:

1, a small gasoline engine or motor: Kart is a car. Its power under current international rules can only be a small gasoline engine or electric motor.

2, the total height from the ground (excluding headrest): less than 650mm, two front-wheel-oriented, two rear-wheel drive, no differential device, four long-lasting contact with the ground.

3.Pneumatic Tires: The intercontinental E-class ICE kart and E-class equation EF karting tires have a maximum diameter of 350mm and a maximum tire width of 250mm. The ICA / J karting rear tire width of Intercontinental A-Class Junior Group is 185mm. Competitive karting front tire maximum diameter of 280mm, the maximum width of 135mm, rear tire maximum diameter of 300mm, the maximum width of 215mm.


Karting level

Formula Kart:

Super A Formula FSA Karting;

Formula A Formula Karting;

C-Formula FC Karting;

E-Formula FE Kart,;

World Formula FW Karting.

World Formula Fw Karting is the go-kart using a four-stroke engine developed by International Karting Committee to meet international environmental requirements after Iion Lewon became the chairman of the new International Karting Committee.

Intercontinental Karting:

Intercontinental A-class ICA car;

Grade A Junior Group ICA / J Kart;

Chau-class ICC karting;

Intercontinental "South America" C-class ICC / S kart;

Intercontinental "South America" C-Class Junior ICC / J Kart;

Intercontinental E-class ICE kart six levels of karting.


Universal Kart:

Outdoor popularity PC / O kart;

Indoor popularity PC / I karting.


Karting structure

Kart structure is relatively simple, from: steel frame, steering system pedal, fuel tank, drive chain guard, driver's seat and crash bumper and other components. Kart easy operation, drivers wear protective helmets and gloves, just remember left foot brake, right foot throttle, steering ratio is 3: 1 to 5: 1 to ride the game.

Kart chassis is very low, only 4 cm off the ground, the runway smooth, so that the riders feel the wind speed switch, roaring roar, I realized the peace of mind will not be able to experience the fun. Once out of the runway, go-kart will automatically stop flame forward, will not rollover to protect the driver's safety.