The origin of karting

Karting movement began in 1940 in Eastern Europe and gradually promoted in the late 1950s in Europe and the United States

Go-karts popularized and rapidly developed when the movement was called GO KART. In the late fifties, people were no longer satisfied with karting for leisure and entertainment. The go-kart racing, which is the main form of racing competition, was also widely carried out. However, the form of organization was very loose and vehicle specifications and competition rules were not unified. In order to prevent this movement from advancing and guiding its correct development, the unified standard is easy to administer and promote the go-karting all over the world. In 1962, Ballest, the president of the International Automobile Federation, initiated the establishment of the International Automobile Federation karting committee. Worldwide popularization, promotion karting movement, supervision and implementation of uniform rules and technical standards, foreign abbreviation is CIK-FIA. After nearly 16 years of evolution, the Karting Commission was reorganized in 1978 to set up a new Kart Commission for the International Automobile Federation. At that time, there were only 15 member associations. Since then, great changes have taken place in the go-karting movement, creating a modern go-karting movement that has put karting in a new period of development and made it the foundation and bridge for the development of modern motor sports, especially Formula One drivers. At present, the number of people participating in all kinds of karting activities around the world has reached about 80 million each year.

The original meaning of karting in English means "a car with a car or car-free mini-car, wheel independent and lasting contact with the ground, the first two rounds of the latter two-wheel drive."

Karting is a miniature car of many racing genres. Its compact size and simple structure are the lowest starting motions in racing and the "cradle" for entering the Formula 1 F-1 racing car. Also called "mini-formula" in Europe. At its earliest, the kart was a toy that parents designed for their children to play in the back garden or in the large parking lot. The kart was originally converted from a lawnmower and the equipment and engine were very simple. Gradually, karting has been continuously improved and transformed in terms of performance and site safety. With the completion of venues for standard competitions, the karting technology has rapidly evolved into an appropriate age-old Sports events, international and large and small events around the world came into being more. One of the most representative events is the "European Kart Championship" and "Japan World Cup Championships." In terms of safety, the go-kart can be regarded as the safest type in racing due to its very low center of gravity and ease of handling.

However, due to its protective measures, no other race car perfect, and because the driver is basically directly facing the front section, so the speed of feeling comparable with the F1 class event, it naturally becomes the ordinary people into the racing world . Founded in 1940, the International Federation of Automobiles (FIA) established the World Karting Federation in 1962. China Auto Sports Federation "FASC" joined the FIA World Karting Federation in 1995 to complete the Chinese karting and international standards. In order to popularize and popularize the go-karting, strengthen the quality education for young people and cultivate the reserve talents for Chinese motor sports, the National Youth Work Committee and the State Sports General Administration jointly established the "National Youth Karting Committee" in 1998, which is organized as a large-scale youth in China Karting sports specialized agencies. In 1999, the National Youth Karting Council will jointly hold the "'99 National Junior Karting Championship" with the China Motor Sports Federation. The championship is the first time Karting is held in China that the English KATRING transliteration means mini sports cars, which originated in the 1950s America at the end. Its structure is extremely simple. A frame, a two-stroke engine, and four separate wheels make up the go-kart. Because it has the characteristics of easy driving, safe and exciting, it quickly swept the world, can be appropriately referred to as the "karaoke OK" in motor sports, that regardless of whether the car will be able to open a kart.